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Club Penguin Mission Guides 1-5

Below is the first set of Club Penguin mission guides. If you would like to become a secret agent, click here. I hope these walkthroughs help you!

Club Penguin Mission 1 Guide – Case of the Missing Puffles 

1) Talk to Aunt Arctic, always choose the top sentence.

2) Click on your map in the upper right hand corner to go to the Ice Rink.                

3) Pick up the green puffle photos on the left.

4) Go back to Aunt Arctic’s igloo and give her the puffle pictures.

5) Use your map and go to the Pet Shop. Turn to the left and and click on the note attached to the brown puffle house.

6) Decode the note. If you’re having trouble, it reads: “G has sixty nine pairs of socks.”

7) Go to the Sports Shop and ask G for some “special” equipment. He will then ask you how many pairs of socks he has. The answer is 69.

8 ) Once he opens the storage shelf grab the life preserver and go to the Ice Berg.

9) Shoot the life preserver at the stranded penguins. Be careful, depending on the direction the wind comes from, it can throw you off course.

10) Go back to the Sports Shop and grab the grapple hook.

11) Go to the Ski Mountain and help fix the penguin’s telescope with your spy phone by using the wrench.

12) Optional: Look through the telescope and wait until the green puffle flies pass the lens.

13) Teleport to the Tallest Mountain on Club Penguin and use the grapple hook to climb it.

14) Once you find Aunt Arctic’s puffles they will automatically go back to her igloo.

15) Finish talking to Aunt Arctic, now you have completed Club Penguin’s first mission!

Don’t forget to collect your medal and letter from Aunt Arctic! They will be added to your inventory in the ‘awards’ section.

Mission 1 Rewards

Club Penguin Mission 2 Guide – G’s Secret Mission

1) Talk to G and except the mission, he then will ask you a riddle. The riddle is “Look near a lively game, pointing to the path with a rabbit in it’s name.”

2) Go to the Ski Mountain and decode what it says on the Bunny Hill sign, the answer is ‘Mogul.’

3) Head back to the Sports Shop, tell G the word and except his mission. Once G pulls the cover off the test run take it to the mountain and click ‘yes’ on the test run hill.

4) Move your mouse left and right to maneuver the sled. Eventually you will crash.

5) You awaken to find yourself in the wilderness, now grab the string hanging from the rock.

6) Move to the right and grab the survival guide, now click on the bush ahead of you.

7) Grab three ‘O’ berries from the bush ( They can fit in one inventory space).

8 ) Now move towards the right until you see a pot handle in a tree. Shake the tree three times until the pot drops out and put it in your inventory.

9) Click on the tree stump ahead of you where the puffles are playing.

10) Frighten the puffles away by clicking your mouse, the black puffle will stay though so feed it an ‘O’ berry and it will jump around and follow you.

11) Turn left, then go forward once you see the log and bush. Find the blue ski and put it in your inventory.

12) Construct a fishing pole using the ski, piece of string, and an ‘O’ berry.

13) Move towards the right and ahead to where the tree stump lies.

14) Take another ‘O’ berry from the bush, turn left and head towards the small stream.

15) Pick up the log on the left and put it in your inventory. Use your  fishing rod to catch a fish in the stream.

16) Once you’ve caught the fish, fill the pot  with water from the stream.

17) Go back to the right and use the cave ahead for temporary shelter.

18) Clear the bush out of the way by clicking it, then move to the far right until you see a pit.

19) Click on any stone to make a fire pit, now put the logs in, then use the survival guide as tender.

20) Next, feed the black puffle an ‘O’ berry. He should ignite your fire pit.

21) Place your pot full of water on the fire and put the fish you caught on top.

22) Click on the boiling water pot to have a drink, then click the fish to eat it.

23) You will fall asleep and eventually wake up to the noise of a jet pack.

24) Go outside and talk to the Jet Pack Guy, he will bring you back to G. You have now finished Club Penguin’s second mission!

Claim your medal and letter from Gary, they will automatically be added to the ‘awards’ section inside your inventory.

Club Penguin Mission 2 Awards

Club Penguin Mission 3 Guide – Case of the Missing Coins

1) Talk to Rookie, ( Choose anything to say) and have him close the vault.

2) Ask Rookie to open the vault again. He lost the combination code though.

3) Ask him where to find the combination, he will point to the door that says ‘Office’.

4) Go upstairs and turn until you see the orange couch. Click underneath the couch.

5) Grab the paper clip and the disk that says ‘Boot’, and put them in your inventory.

6) Go and click the computer and turn the power button on. Insert the ‘Boot’ disk into the computer.

7) Click on ‘My Files’ and Combination_Number. Memorize the code it gives you.

Help: N is top, S is the right, E is the bottom, and W is the left. North, South, East and West.

8 ) Head downstairs and open the vault with the combination. Click on the coins attached to the ceiling.

9) Talk to Rookie and tell him to stand guard, answer your spy phone and go to the H.Q.

10) Talk to G and look at the monitor screen he’s pointing at.

11) Answer G and find the drawer he points to with the keys inside.

12) Click on the drawer and select the golden key in the top left corner. Add it to your inventory.

14) Head to the Office upstairs and use the key to unlock the door that says ‘Rooftop.’

15) Grab the scruff of white fur on the ground and put it in your inventory.

16) Use your spy phone, click on tools, and use the wrench to unbolt the lid attached to the machine.

17) Click on the power box to peek inside, use your paper-clip to short circuit the magnet machine.

18) Go back to the Vault and click on the coins. Ask Rookie to keep watch again.

19) Head back to the H.Q. Talk to G and give him the scraps of white fur when he asks for evidence.

20) Use the map and go to the Town, then click on the Night Club door and turn your Night Vision Goggles on.

21) Search for the speaker, and climb down into the Boiler Room. Turn to the right a bit and find the Fuse Box.

22) Look inside the fuse box, try and turn every button green. If you’re having trouble click on the instructions or go ask G to do it for you!

23) Go back to the H.Q. and speak with G. You have now finished Club Penguin’s third mission!

Claim your medal and thank-you card from the dancing penguin for fixing the Night Club’s lights. Both will be added to the ‘awards’ section in your inventory.

Club Penguin Mission 3 MedalClub Penguin Mission 3 Thank-you Card!

Club Penguin Mission 4 Guide – Avalanche Rescue

1) Talk to G and pick the sentence, ” Where is the life preserver shooter?” Wait for G to open the Gadget room door.

2) Look for a shelf in the corner, take the life preserver shooter and put it in your inventory.

3) Use your map to go to the Ski Lodge. Go inside and pick up the fishing rod near the Ice Fishing door. Put it inside your inventory.

4) Head to the Lighthouse and get the rope hanging over the boat. Put the rope, fishing rod, and life preserver shooter together in one inventory space.

5) Go in the Sports Shop and take the belt off the green penguin statue. Put it inside your inventory space.

6) Talk to the penguin in the Ski Village. Click on the broken ski lift section.

7) Take out the belt and secure it around the ski lift machine.

8 ) Pick up the white tuffs of fur on the ground near the ski lift.

9) Teleport to the Beacon and take our your spy phone. Click on ‘tools’ and take the wrench. Unscrew the bolts on the telescope. Put it in your inventory.

10) Head to the Sports Shop, go to G’s room upstairs and put the telescope on the tripod near the window.

11) Look in the telescope. Move downward until you see penguins stranded on ledges.

12) Memorize the sledding path they took to get down Ridge Run, go to the Mountain and walk down Ridge Run.

13) If you forgot the path, keep guessing and eventually you will come to a cliff with sleds scattered everywhere.

14) Take out the life preserver machine that you created. Click on the cliff edge. Use the machine in this order to save the stranded penguins:

1. Break off the branch near the right with the launcher.
2. Lift the penguin on the tree branch.
3. Lift the penguin on the ledge near the right.
4. Drop a penguin on the tree branch.
5. Drop the other penguin barely to the right of the branch. He will help the penguin up below him.
6. Lift the penguin on the tree branch and join him with the other penguins on the ledge.
7. Let the three penguins off. Watch the penguins push the rock off, it will bounce the lower penguin up.
8. With the three penguins hanging, grab the fourth one below.
You will be taken back to the Ski Mountain with the penguins!

Speak with G and give him the white tuffs of fur. You’ve now finished Club Penguin’s fourth mission!

Collect your medal, plaque, and click on the letter. You can read the letter but if you click it once more it will explode! 

Club Penguin's Fourth Mission Rewards

Club Penguin Mission 5 Guide – Secret of the Fur

1) Speak with G, click the top choice to say.

2) Click on the Furensic Analyzer 3000. Click your spy phone’s red button and grab the comb. Click on the pink fur.

3) Go back and talk to G, take the stained white fur and click on the Furensic Analyzer 3000. Put the fur inside the machine.

4) Talk with G again. Click on the map and go to the Plaza. Head to the Pizza Parlor and talk to the manager.

5) Ask him for some evidence, take the Hot Sauce and Chocolate Sauce and put them in your inventory. Turn towards the tables and grab a candle.

How to receive the gift – Ask the manager if you can deliver the pizza. Take it and bring it to the penguin Ice Fishing in the back of the Ski Lodge. Get back to the mission.

6) Go in the Coffee Shop and talk to the penguin. Ask him to let you see the hot chocolate machine. Click on it.

1. Use the tools from your spy phone and take the wrench. Use the wrench to put the milk tube back in place.
2. Grab the white mug and put it underneath the Hot Chocolate nozzle. On the machine’s side, turn the switch from cold to hot.
3. Take the chocolate sauce and poor it in the funnel. Press the red hot chocolate button. Take the mug and put it in your inventory.

7) Use your spy phone to teleport to H.Q. Go inside the Gadget Room and put the AC 1000 fan in your inventory.

8 ) Teleport to the Beacon and move right. Use the AC 1000 to blow the jug of jet pack fuel towards you. 

9) Use your spy phone and find the scissors from your tools. Cut down the jug of jet pack fuel and put the scissors back in your spy phone. Put the jet pack fuel jug in your inventory.

10) Go to the H.Q. and walk in the Gadget Room. Talk to G and pour each substance in the funnel. Take the goggles and go to the Beach.

11) Get the net near the Lighthouse door and put it in your inventory. Go in the Lighthouse and grab the rope hanging out of a boat. Put it in your inventory.

12) Head to the Ski Lodge and go out the Ice Fishing door. Put together the rope and net to create a trap. Hang the trap on the tree and put the candle on top.

13) Watch the crab take the candle, pick up the tuft of white fur when the bear leaves. Now take the trapped crab and put it inside your inventory.

14) Turn the goggles off and go to the Gadget Room. Talk to G and give him the crab. Tell him about the fur and click on the Furensic Analyzer 3000.

15) Put the white fur inside the machine. It’s a polar bear! Speak with G about this situation until the end. You have now finished Club Penguin’s fifth mission!

Claim your medal and the pizza box from the manager if you delivered it to the ice fishing penguin! They will be added to the ‘awards’ section in your inventory.

Club Penguin Mission 5 Rewards!

I hope you found these mission guides helpful! Now that you are done with missions 1 through 5, you can go on to missions 6 to 10! Click here to see them.

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