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March 29, 2009


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For all of you strange people who don’t know what ‘Sayonara’ means it’s ‘Good-bye’ in Japanese.

We is done with club penguin. No offense, but if you’re 12 years or older, and you still play CP, then you are a weirdo or a geek. LOL! I just had to say that

Dirt Shorts and I have a life, a soon to be very busy life. With a crazy old geezer basketball coach yellin’ at us who we just met.

We suggest getting a life, hehe.

S & R

February 26, 2009

White Puffles

There have been white puffles sightings around the island. You can see them at the Ski Hill, at the Dojo Courtyard and in the Puffle Party Video.

Here it is at the Ski hill:

At the Dojo:

This definitely means there will be White Puffles soon. I bet he will come out around the Snow Party.

~Dirt Shorts

February 23, 2009

RockHopper Arrival

Hey everyone, I know that we haven’t posted in a while, but we are busy. We will probebly quit soon.

Anyway Rockhopper is coming, you can see him in the telescope. 

We will only post about important things from now on…

~Dirt Shorts

February 13, 2009

Puffle Decorations and New Puffle O’s Box Pin

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Sup! It’s been awhile since I’ve posted, so here goes something.

If you are a member and you own a puffle, put some pet furniture in your igloo and your puffle will play with it! My black puffle still hasn’t done anything yet though. 

But if you go to the Town, you may notice some preparation going on for the puffle party. Climb up the ladders to stand on the Coffee Shop and Gift Shop! There are also other boxes in the Ski Village, Plaza, Ice Berg, Forest, Cove, Dance Club, and other places.

The Pool is empty for some strange reason. I think the boxes colors, match the puffles colors. So each room is about a different puffle!

If you go inside the Mine Shack you can collect the newest pin, the Puffle O’ Box pin!

I’ll keep you posted about more puffle stuff! (Not really.)

February 6, 2009

February Clothing Catalog Cheats

Club Penguin was right, the clothing catalog is really ‘Back to the Basics.’ But here are the hidden items and how to get them!

‘Back to the Basics’ Clothing Catalog Cheats –

1. Turn to the page shown below, click on the “S” in “T-Shirts” to get the Spikester.

2. Find the page shown below, click on the “E” in “Penguins at Work” to get the Spikette.

3. Flip to the page shown below, click on the blue light to get the Fruit Headdress.

4. Turn to the page shown below, click on the flowerpot vase for the Viking Helmet. (Open and close it four more times for the Blue Viking Helmet.)

5. Find the page shown below, click on the penguin’s beak to get the Russian Hat.

6. Turn to the Clearance page as shown below, click on the snowman’s carrot nose for the Yellow Scarf.

7. Flip to the page shown below, click on the “A” on “Clearance” to get the Pink Pom Pom Toque.

8. Find the page shown below, click on the “L” on “Clearance” to get the Red Hoodie.

Here is a picture of the new backgrounds:

I guess that’s it, I’m kind of bored with Club Penguin though. Might quit soon lol. 

-Mr Fun 5

February 5, 2009

Penguin Style Sneak Peek!

Hello everyone! This Friday, the Penguin Style catalog in the Gift Shop will be updated as most of you already know. BillyBob said it will be about getting back to the basics. Here are some of the shirts that will be in the catalog, some are old, and some are new.


In other news, the Paint by Letters book is finally out and in the book room. It is titled, “Lime Green Dojo Clean.”

That’s it for now! Comment!

~Dirt Shorts

February 4, 2009

Puffles Update!

Hey everyone! Starting February 13th, if you put the puffle furniture in your igloo, all you pets will start playing with it! That’s not all! On February  20th, there will be a huge puffle party!!

What are your thoughts about this puffle celebration?  Comment!

~Dirt Shorts

January 29, 2009

New “Paint by Letters” Book Tomorrow

Update: The Club Penguin team has found some bugs with the Paint by Letters book and it wasn’t able to be launched today. They aren’t sure when they will fix it, but hopefully soon.

Hey everyone! Tomorrow there will be a new Paint by Letters book in the Book Room. It is called “Lime Green Dojo Clean”. Maybe it will have something to do with the lime green party in the Dojo a few years ago. That was the first member party I ever went to. 

In the stories, you type the words that appear. Sometimes you even get to choose your own words! BillyBob says to look at the pictures carefully because there might be a few surprises.

-Dirt Shorts

January 27, 2009

Sports Catalog Sneak Peek

Hey everyone! The Fiesta is over, but there is a lot of fun coming to Club Penguin soon, says BillyBob. 

The new Snow and Sports Catalog comes out this Friday! Here is a sneak peek.

It looks like a rock climbing wall and a workout machine. A rock climbing wall would be interesting! Maybe you will be able to walk on your igloo walls with it! You never know!

~Dirt Shorts

January 23, 2009

2009 Winter Fiesta

Update: The winner for the coin code contest is Blowsight10 with 197 votes! Congratulations! Your coin code will be e-mailed to you soon.

Hola! To get rid of the winter blues, the annual Winter Fiesta is here! There are tacos, barbecues, and pinatas everywhere! 

The Mini Sombrero is at the cove, and it really is mini!


This year’s Fiesta is pretty cool. I’m surprised that they didn’t have the Maracas as a free item like they have the past 2 years. The party is only supposed to last a few days, but I bet it will be extended. What do you all think about this party?

~Dirt Shorts~

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